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The Process

What to Expect in the Remodeling Process

Explore the steps in the remodeling process with the trusted professionals at Bathroom & Kitchen Services.  Our process is a series of stages that build upon one another.  The choices made at each stage will help define your end-result and keep your project on schedule and within budget.

  • Stage 1: Planning and Information Gathering +

    Stage 1: Planning and Information Gathering In this stage, you have contacted us via telephone, project inquiry, or through one of the events we participate in throughout the year (such as the Best of Fall Home Show). We will start with a short discussion over the phone to review your project's scope, type of home, location and approximate budget. After this first conversation, we will evaluate what the best next step will be for you and your project. Often, the next step is to come into our showroom. When you come into our showroom, we get to know each other better, you become familiar with us and our proven process, and we can discuss your project in greater detail.
  • Stage 2: Prepare for Project +

    Stage 2: Prepare for Project In this stage, we finalize the contract, schedule the project start, finalize selections and order material.
  • Stage 3: Construction +

    Stage 3: Construction This stage consists of several sub-stages: the pre-construction meeting, demolition, construction, and clean up. You will have a Project Manager in charge of your project. Your Project Manager is responsible for all on-site production from start to finish. He will oversee any carpenters or other workers on site, make sure the site is cleaned up every day and follow up with you regularly to keep you abreast with any updates to your project.
  • Stage 4: Follow up and Warranty +

    Stage 4: Follow up and Warranty

    Your satisfaction is very important to us. Once your project is completed, you will receive a follow up letter with a "Client Satisfaction Questionnaire" asking you to rate our service, products used, subcontractors (if any) used, staff and provide any comments about your experience with us. Your feedback helps us address any concerns you may not have discussed with us previously and helps us continuously improve our level of service for all our clients.

    While you are enjoying your newly remodeled space, warranty items may arise. It is very important that you notify us of any warranty items as soon as possible. Our warranty includes a 1-year comprehensive workmanship warranty and a 5-year systems workmanship warranty. You may also have warranties covering specific products used in your project, which would fall under the manufacturer's warranty.

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