Bathroom Trends, Part 3: The Home Spa Retreat

Bathroom Remodeling Trends, Part 3: The Home Spa Retreat

If you have ever been to a spa, you can understand the appeal of creating your own home oasis for relaxation to distress from our busy days. Most of us lead hectic lives, going from one thing to the next. Bringing a calming, spa-like experience into our homes is easier than you might think!

Simple tips for updating your existing bathroom:

  • plush towels and rugs
  • elegant accessories, especially with natural tones like wood and stone, orchids or other flowers
  • calming scents from candles, bath salts, and essential oil rubs
  • upgrade lighting fixtures to a style that feels more luxurious, such as a small chandelier for an over head light

Tips for your bathroom remodel:

  • luxury fixtures like rain shower head
  • furniture style vanity
  • large walk-in shower
  • soaking tub with water jets
  • incorporate generous lighting with lighting controls to set the mood
  • incorporate natural stone tile with heated floors


Home Spa Gallery

  • One of the major features of this spa-like bathroom is the large walk-in shower. A frameless glass design minimizes visual impediments, the shower surround is modern and elegant, and the generous lighting boosts your mood and helps your wake up in the mornings.
  • A luxurious large soaking tub with water jets is a must for some homeowners. Other spa elements include: Decorative tile surrounds the tub deck, use of candles and other aromatherapy, area for towels to be placed for easy access, privacy blinds, handheld extendable water wand for easy rinsing off bubbles (and cleaning of the tub), and more.
  • Other features of this home spa: furniture-style vanity, wall-mounted make-up mirror, heated tile floor, walk-in shower with handheld shower head, shower bench seat (not shown), floor to ceiling shower tile, and private toilet area.
  • This home spa features plenty of space, elegant design elements, generous natural and artificial lighting, and plenty of storage around the vanity area to allow the homeowner to maintain an uncluttered look yet still have all personal effects easily accessible.
  • Luxurious water shower system is flexible so you can direct the water as desired.
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